About the project

The project:

  1. A) to attract to the project the maximum number of participants through social networks (primarily Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter), to get the maximum number of shares and likes, and thus to convey information to people of English, French, German and Spanish-speaking countries about what is happening in the Donbass, and more precisely – on the “contact line”, in the village of zaitsevo (DPR);
  2. B) Organize a mobile exhibition “Children of the world – children of Zaitsevo” from the works sent to the flashmob page (printed on a color printer), to demonstrate it in the LDPR, as well as on the territory of Russia and Belarus.Project objective:
  3. A) Breaking the information blockade around what is happening in the Donbass;
  4. B) Emotional assistance to children suffering daily from the fighting in the Donbass.The slogans of the project:

“Add light to the children of war!»

“Children of Zaitsevo (Donbass) every day suffer from attacks of the Ukrainian army. There is a lot of horror and little light in their drawings. Ask your child to draw something good for the children of Zaitsevo. Add light to their lives!»

When the flash mob is over – all the drawings sent to us will be printed and pasted on the wall of the destroyed Orthodox Church in Zaitsevo:

“We will make of your drawings for children Zaitsevo “Wall of peace”, protecting them from war!»

The author of the project “Children of the World – to the Children of Zaitsevo” Aleksey Shorokhov, with the assistance of Irina Gamayun (project “Pilgrims Tochka Ru”) and the Gorlovka Institute of Foreign Languages (GIIII), rector Svetlana Kochetova.

With the support of the Union of Writers of Russia